Best Pizza and Wine Pairings

Pizza and Wine Pairings | Pizza Parma

When you’re hungry, what’s better than pizza? Pizza served with a cool glass of wine, of course. Filling and refreshing. There’s a little bit of an art behind pairing the two, however, and you’ll want to get it right so each complements the other. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Keep reading to see our recommendations for the best pizza and wine pairings. 

Margherita Pizza 

Due to its beloved flavors of fresh tomato and cheese, this pizza is meant to be with a light to medium wine. These types of wines complement the pie’s fragrant basil.  A bottle of pinot grigio will do the trick here, but if that’s not to your taste, a rosé will do great as well. In this case, we advise you avoid any hard, bold wines. 

Pepperoni Pizza

Another well-known flavor favorite, this yummy pizza features the strong spice of the pepperoni slices. To create more balance, try going for a fruity and richer wine. One recommendation is a nice sangiovese. This wine has a moderate acidity that will help cut through the salty taste of the pepperoni and create a beautiful pairing. 

Vegetarian Pizza

There are amazing wine pairings for veggie lovers. Given the diversity of vegetables on the pie, try not to select a wine that will compete with all those flavors. To complement the pie, something mild is is a good place to start, like prosecco. Avoid deep, full-bodied reds to prevent the wine from overpowering the flavors of the vegetables.

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While we don’t serve wine at our restaurants, Pizza Parma does have delicious pizzas to start your wine pairing journey. Whether you want to follow these suggestions or check out more options from our extensive pizza menu, there is definitely something for you. Interested? Check out our menu.