What’s the Difference Between a Calzone and Stromboli?

Difference Between Stromboli and Calzone | Pizza Parma

Everyone loves pizza, but how many of you have ever tried a stromboli or a calzone? We believe these foods need their chance to shine, but not many people actually know the difference between a calzone and stromboli. Pizza Parma is here to fix that. Continue reading to better understand what these dishes are.

The Calzone

Let’s start with the calzone, a creation that is very similar to a pizza. Calzones were first created in the 18th century in Naples, Italy. They contain the same ingredients as a basic pizza and can be filled with your favorite pizza toppings like sausage, mushroom, etc. Sounds like a pizza right? Well it basically is. The core difference from your favorite pie is that a calzone is folded into a half moon shape before it is baked.

The Stromboli

Since it is folded into a pinwheel, stromboli is all about layers. It is an Italian sandwich filled with marinara sauce along with cold cuts and/or vegetables. Because of its shape, the type and amount of ingredients are vital to the appearance and taste of a stromboli. Once rolled, stromboli is then baked in the oven like a pizza. This pizza shop staple also did not originate in Italy, but right here in Pennsylvania. Legend has it that the dish came to be in a small eatery called Romano’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant in 1950. Who knew?

What’s the Difference Between a Calzone and Stromboli, Again? 

The main differences between a calzone and stromboli are its shape. While a calzone is in a moon shape, stromboli is shaped like a pinwheel. In addition, a calzone is more closely related to a pizza and a stromboli to an Italian Hoagie. Despite their differences, we think both are equally delicious! 

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