Pizza Parma: Pittsburgh’s Premier Pizza Delivery

Enjoy Pizza Parma Cazone Menu for your lunch or dinner, at Shadyside and Downtown Pittsburgh location.

Pizza Parma, a renowned name in Pittsburgh’s pizza landscape, offers a unique and delightful pizza experience that caters to a variety of tastes. The journey of Pizza Parma started in 1998 when three brothers, Ty, Baris, and Ali, decided to venture into the world of pizza-making. Their commitment to quality and flavor led them to open their first location in Shadyside Plaza. Since then, Pizza Parma has expanded to multiple locations, including Downtown Pittsburgh and Upper St. Clair, serving customers seven days a week.

The menu at Pizza Parma is extensive, offering an array of specialty pizzas, each with its unique flair. Among their new offerings are the Margarita Pizza, Superoni Pizza, Krunk Chicken Pizza, Pittsburger Pizza, and the 3 Rivers Pizza. Each pizza is a blend of fresh ingredients, homemade sauces, and quality Italian cheeses. For those who prefer to customize their pizza, the ‘Create Your Own Pizza’ option provides a personalized touch to your meal.

Pizza Parma’s excellence in pizza-making has been recognized widely. In 2019, it was named one of the best pizza shops in Pittsburgh by Star 100.7 Pittsburgh, a testament to the quality and taste that they consistently deliver. This recognition adds to their already impressive list of 23 Readers’ Choice Awards and top rankings in pizza contests.

But Pizza Parma isn’t just about pizzas. Their menu also features a wide range of other culinary delights. They offer hearty hoagies and subs, mouth-watering calzones filled with fine Italian ricotta cheese, and gyros cooked to perfection on rotisseries. For those looking for lighter or different options, there are wraps, fish entrees, a variety of pastas, and fresh salads. And to top off a delicious meal, they have a selection of delectable desserts.

Catering services are another aspect of Pizza Parma’s offerings. They provide a convenient solution for personal and corporate events, delivering a range of Italian catering options including pizzas, pastas, appetizers, desserts, and more. Whether it’s a large event or a small gathering, Pizza Parma’s catering menu is designed to meet a variety of needs and tastes.

For those in the Pittsburgh area looking for “pizza delivery near me” or a “pizza restaurant” that offers both quality and variety, Pizza Parma is a go-to destination. Their commitment to using fresh meats, authentic Italian cheeses, and locally-grown produce, combined with their extensive menu and award-winning recipes, makes them a standout in the Pittsburgh pizza scene.