Pizza Making 101

pizza making Looking for dinner ideas? When it’s hard to find ideas outside, why not stay inside? Combine your favorite crust and toppings to whip out a version of your favorite pizza!

There is something special about making your own pizza. At home, it can be a fun and creative process that ends with a tasty reward! The 3 best practices for making your own pizza include making the dough, adding your toppings and teamwork.

3 Best Practices for Making Your Own Pizza

Make the Dough

Use a simple recipe, as shown below. Dough can be made and used in the same day or may be kept frozen for up to 3 months. To freeze, just wrap dough in plastic wrap and put inside a large re-sealable bag, then place in your freezer.

Choose your Toppings

Whatever you desire can be put on your pizza. Start with tomato sauce or salsa as your base. Spread a thin layer across your kneaded dough on a pie pan, leaving a bit at the edges free of sauce for the crust. Then, add cheese, olives, pepperoni slices, ham chunks, bacon crumbles, jalapeno peppers, etc. Whatever you find delicious — put that on top of your pizza! Experiment and have fun.


When a family or group of friends makes pizza together, fun takes on a whole new meaning. Everyone can make their own with their favorite toppings, or several pizzas can be made at once (baking separately). Put on some music, pour some drinks and have a pizza-making party! It’s a simple way for many to cook in the kitchen make memories.

By making your own pizza and adding your own delights, a new favorite is sure to be found.

Who doesn’t like pizza? Pizza is a national favorite food and there are lots of places competing for pizza delivery customers, as many places offer pizza lunch specials and catering. Inside or out, pizza is always a good idea.

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