Three Unexpected Food Trends This Summer

Three Unexpected Summer Food Trends | Pizza Parma

Food trends tend to be cyclical. However, that doesn’t mean we know what to expect every season. As for this summer, the people have spoken and your go-tos are set. Read on to discover this summer’s most unexpected food trends

Meat And More Meat

The latest fad diet can change on a dime. Some may have thought that the keto diet would wear out its welcome, but this trend is here to stay. The goal is to limit carbs so your body enters a state of ketosis (where your body burns fat), so this diet emphasizes protein. Given the nature of the diet, it’s focused on the healthy fat in meat and dairy, as well as their protein content. Celebrities have raved about this lifestyle, which has naturally contributed to its popularity with the public.  

Hidden Vegetables 

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the keto diet, major veggie consumption is predicted in this summer’s forecast. Luckily, though, this doesn’t mean tasteless salads are in your future. This summer, have your veggies and love them too. The balance is all about incorporating more healthy vegetables in the dishes you already love. Are you a pasta fiend? One major trend from big box restaurants is to sub in “zoodles” (zucchini noodles) for carb-laden pasta. And if you have a picky eater at home, it never hurts to hide good-for-you ingredients, like opting for broccoli tots over taters, or buffalo cauliflower over chicken. 


Truly fitting for summer (especially near the coast), seafood will skyrocket in popularity. Foodies are getting more creative and their taste buds more adventurous, so look for a higher diversity of fish in seafood dishes. Crab and lobster, shrimp with scallops. Sweet, spicy or savory. Salmon isn’t the lone star of the show anymore, thanks to eateries (and the internet) teaching us to expand our horizons. 

Let Pizza Parma Help You Discover Summer’s Most Unexpected Food Trends 

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