Different Ways You Can Eat a Slice

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It’s fair to say that pizza is a pretty universally-loved food. However, that doesn’t mean we all consume those tasty slices the same way. As a pizza restaurant, we have seen plenty of the different ways people enjoy their pizza. That being said, keep reading below as we break down the three most popular ways people eat pizza. 

The Classic

As the title of this section suggests, this is the method you usually expect people to use when eating a slice. These people aren’t focused on anything else other than enjoying the fact that they get to eat pizza. This strategy can get a little messy if your slice is on the floppy side. If its flopping around everywhere, you are definitely going to need to be prepared for falling sauce and cheese. This isn’t a problem with a pie from Pizza Parma.

The Folder

These people mean business. They are trying to eat as much pizza as they can and as quickly as possible. By folding the slice, you are making it more compact for easy handling and eating. No flopping slices here. Also, since you fold the slice in, you may be able to lessen any potential burning sensation from hot, melty cheese. This may be important to consider since we understand how hard it can be to resist a fresh, out-of-the-oven pie.

The Slicer

A person who cuts his or her slice of pizza into little bite size pieces is truly trying to have the best of both worlds. They want to take the time and savor every single bite. This method also allows you to have better temperature control over the slice, making it the preferred method for parents with small children. Another perk of this method is that you will most likely minimize any possible mess caused by sauce or cheese spillage.

Figure Out Your Pizza Style at Pizza Parma

Want to figure out your favorite way to eat a pizza? Well, then come around to Pizza Parma. With an extensive menu full of delicious pies or the ability to build your own, we are sure you will find something you love. Check out our menu .