Why Finger Foods are the Best for Your Party

Finer Foods | Pizza Parma

Parties are the best. Not only do they allow you to let loose and relax, but they are the perfect opportunity to create cherished memories with your family and friends. However, when you are in charge of the planning, things can get stressful. This is especially true when it comes to choosing the food. For the least amount of hassle, we recommend going with finger foods.

No Silverware Required

When you’re at a party, you want to be up and mingling with guests. You don’t have the time or the patience to fumble with forks and knives. The portability of finger foods are what make them such great options for parties. Guests can grab food at ease and not even think about it. This allows them to take advantage of what parties are truly for and just have fun. 

Increased Variety

When cooking large family-style dishes, it can be hard to create a variety of choices. For example, if your making a pasta dish, it’s impractical to make several small varieties. Finger foods shine in these situations. Because they’re small and easy to whip up in batches, it makes perfect sense to have multiple varieties of the same thing. Whether it’s an item like wings or mini sandwiches, it’s super easy to supply multiple versions of the same finger food.  

Less Waste

Without plates or silverware, finger foods minimize overall waste (a boon for the environment and your wallet). And because guests can come and grab more at their leisure, they’re less likely to take more food than they can finish. This can ultimately lead to more responsible food consumption and less food in the trash. 

Check Out Pizza Parma’s Finger Food Options

Want the ultimate finger food selection for your party? We’ve got you covered at Pizza Parma. With a restaurant catering menu full of delicious possibilities, we’ll help you throw a memorable party.