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  • Pizza and Wine Pairings | Pizza Parma

    Best Pizza and Wine Pairings

    When you’re hungry, what’s better than pizza? Pizza served with a cool glass of wine, of course. Filling and refreshing. There’s a little bit of an art behind pairing the two, however, and you’ll want to get it right so each complements the other. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Keep reading to see our…

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  • What Is a Wedgie? | Pizza Parma

    What is a Wedgie?

    While pizza is amazing (don’t get us wrong), there is so much more to a pizza shop than just your favorite pies. There are pizza restaurant staples like calzones and stromboli, as well as many more ways to change up your order. So what about a wedgie? That’s right, we said it, W-E-D-G-I-E. Confused? Read…

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  • Best Summer Pizza Toppings | Pizza Parma

    The Best Summer Pizza Toppings

    As we settle ever more into summer, our go-to meals and cravings change. Wintertime: soups, casseroles and comfort foods. Flash forward to summer: grilled favorites and mouthwatering watermelon. Our take? Pizza is a year-round necessity…And you can switch up your go-to order. Read on for ideas on how to craft the best summer Pizza Parma…

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